I am an Animator with a passion for collaborative storytelling and team-oriented problem solving. As a recent graduate from Ringling College of Art + Design I have 5 years of experience using Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, several rendering engines, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro creating content in a wide range of styles with a consistent eye for quality, and a respect for quick turnaround times.

     I've always known that I wanted to tell stories. From zooming around my house as a child with a video camera in hand, conscripting my parents to act in plays scrawled in crayon, to building sets for short animations with clay figures made of Play-Doh, to using video game engines to make machinima in my teenage years, I always knew that telling stories would be my calling. Through the years that path has led me to focus on the storytelling power of computer animation, and the ability for simple images to contain tomes of subtle whispers about their subject.

     I tend to find this perspective most apparent in the modeling, texturing, and general asset creation process for the CG world. Every detail of a character or even a simple barrel in the background has a story to tell. The overall style can convey how someone's supposed to feel about something, whether it's full of grit, dirt, and realism, or curvy, animated, and joyful. The details of frays on a character's cloak, the scuff marks on an otherwise pristine floor, or the hands of a clock being slightly bent out of shape, can also tell just as much, and usually more story than what's being said or acted. It is the combination of these imperfections which give a model life, give them interest, and make art worth watching.